Maxi Booty Does Her First Porno Shoot

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Maxi Booty didn’t plan on becoming a smut star but her sister had different plans. Blaze Burnz had just done her first smut video clip a few weeks before when her brother pimped her out to the perverts at Bring Me Your Sister for wrecking his drum set and to tell the truth – she really liked it – but when she caught her little sister using her name at a local strip club, Blaze decided it was time to get even – so she pimped Maxi out in her first smut video clip – Hell, Blaze has her name tattooed on her chest – how fucking brazen can a sister be?

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Maxi Booty and Her Sister Blaze Blow Richard Nailder

But Blaze wasn’t going to be the only sister in this smut video clip as she jumped in and showed her little sister how to properly suck the old man’s fat dick. Of course, the younger sister tried to outdo her older sister and Richard Nailder got the hummer of his life. These two half-Mexican Girl sisters didn’t stop at sucking dick – they were soon both nude and Maxi was bent over the couch with Richard Nailder’s (of Bring Me Your Sister) fat dick deep in her tight little shaved coed pussy.

Maxi Booty Fucks And Her Sister Films

Maxi Booty Fucks And Her Sister Films

At eighteen years old, Maxi hasn’t fucked many guys and the size of Richard’s dick was a bit painful in her small coed cunt. But she gritted her teeth as her sister filmed her in her first ever smut video clip. It didn’t  take long for Maxi to get accustomed to the girth of the old man’s fat dick and soon she was  riding the old fucker dick like her more experienced sister. Both sister’s have immaculate butts but Maxi’s round ass is an flawless exemplar of the marvelous round apple ass.

Maxi Booty Fucks Richard Nailder's Fat Cock

Maxi Booty Fucks Richard Nailder’s Fat Cock

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Papa Pounded Her Petite Cunt – Part Three

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I thought you all would like to see the last of the real homemade sex movies that papa made of himself fucking the eighteen year old neighbor babe Thena Sky.  In the full film, posted on Glass Mannequin, you get to see papa set a big load of hot sticky jizz all over Thena Sky’s tight teenager belly as she giggles like a high school tramp.  You can get a pretty good idea of how fun Then is from these homemade videos but the full film is MUCH better – trust me.

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Tara Lynn Fox & Cameron Love

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Tara Lynn Fox & Cameron Love Tara Lynn Fox & Cameron Love
Tara Lynn Fox & Cameron Love @
This blistering update begins with 2 teen chicks. 18 year old, gorgeous sandy Tara Lynn Fox, and 19 year old Irish redhead Cameron Love. First the Dogfart rule is applied… 2 hot babes in a vid must munch each others’ assholes… for the appetizer to this vid. Then Jack Napier shows up with his black baseball bat to ravage all this luscious young coochy. The teen tarts take turns tasting his oversized meat stick, then offer their sweet young pleasure pits for him to plow. After leaving them both stretched to the max, he enjoys the unequaled pleasure of being sucked off by 2 energetic teen mouths. Then he lies them both down with their mouths together, and pumps them full of his special Jack sauce! They give us a final bit of dessert with a cleanup and a sperm swap!
Tara Lynn Fox & Cameron Love Tara Lynn Fox & Cameron Love
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Teenager Named Adel Gets Naughty

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Teen Named Adel Gets Naughty

Let me introduce you to a teeny sweet heart named Adel. She just turned 18 years old and she looks so sweet and innocent, but trust e, she can get very mischievous when she wants. She got very mischievous during her first photo shoot. She was a little shy at first, but it wasn’t long before she was showing us her mischievous side in the kitchen.

She was soon stripping out of her clothes, showing off her tight nubile body to the camera. She said that she was a little nervous at first, but when she started taking off her clothes, she started to get really turned on! Next thing you know, she was pouring milk all over her body. It made such a mess and looked so nice-looking. She said that it even reminded her of a different white, creamy liquid.

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Tiffany Star

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Tiffany Star Tiffany Star
Tiffany Star @
A tart in need is a black erection skank indeed. Tiffany Star makes end meet by giving up the white cunt for top dollar. Unfortunately for her breaking the law comes with a stiff penalty. Tiffany Star needs legal counsel but the price of $3500 is too high for a tart such as herself. The light at the end of the tunnel comes when Flash Brown offers his services and he takes payment in the form of tight, white cunt. Tiffany, with a fever for interracial sex, barters her cunt for the black erection of justice in Flash’ pants. Tiffany wraps her itty bitty lips around his enlarged nuts and makes her way up the mile-long black erection until his bj is leveling her tonsils. The blow job was only part of the deal and Tiffany opens up wide so that Flash can shove his black kielbasa up Tiffany’s cunt and into her lower intestine. Normally, Tiffany has a bored look on her face as she’s fucking redneck "cunt Payers" but the gigantic black behemoth firmly planted in her slanted slit was enough to make her eyes roll like a slot machine. Tiffany Star’s stamina wore down and Flash detonated his black erection right inside Tiffany’s tender cunt. The promise of Tiffany on birth control was a lie and it looks like Flash is gonna be paying for this for the next 18 years. This isn’t stuff you can learn in Law School.
Tiffany Star Tiffany Star
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Stuffed Pink Vagina

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Glass Mannequin Girl Anistaija loves sex so much that she’s always finding time to stuff something deep into her pink little coed age cooch. In this clip, Anistaija is playing with a blue vibrating sextoy that she manages to borrow from our collection of sex toys. But enough about the sextoy, what we lust after to hear about is how tight and wet her little shaved cooch is. Well, it wasn’t my meat in her cunt so I can’t tell you for sure but from watching this small film of this skinny small teenager masturbating, I can tell you that she likes to have her pink cooch filled with fat toys – and I would imagine that sh likes a fat meat too.

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Anistaija Stuffs her Pink coed Pussy

But Anistaija likes to have her clit stimulated and lucky for us, she’s willing to rub the dildo on her swollen clit, bringing herself to orgasm. If you watch closely you can see her little cunt and asshole squeezing tight as she climaxes. Visit Glass Mannequin today to see Anistaija cream.

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Anistaija Rubbing Her swollen Clit

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Wild Hobby Of Misbehaving Teenagers

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They say that every couple should have a common hobby, that it brings lovers together and gives them a topic to talk. Who knows if that is true or not but these teens are both crazy about sex.

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Yes, one can hardly call sex a hobby but these errant sex fiends prove that there is nothing impossible for a skilled person. What is more exciting, they decided to create a club of their followers and that is why they shoot as many actions as possible. That day they tried out different variants of a well-know position, a missionary position. Watch the full length video and enjoy the result.

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Spunk On Violet Little – Violet Gets Her First Facial

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Fucking Violet Little is a whole lot of fun and any naughty horn-dog that ever dreamed of stuffing his fat erection in a petite teenage mom will love watching the clip of Violet Little fucking, sucking and getting he first facial. Of course, every first-rate facial starts out with an impeccable bj and Violet little is one of the best petite cocksuckers I’ve ever seen. This tiny brown haired cans take more fa erection in her little mouth than one would ever think and she is first-rate at holding a rhythm that makes even the most experienced man lust after to shoot his load directly in her wet teen mouth – but the though to sliding your fat erection in her tight little cunt helps you hold off so that you can feel her sweet little cunt on your throbbing male member.

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Violet Little Sucking Cock

And we would be remiss if we didn’t show at least one picture of Violet Little getting fucked hard by a fat erection. If you like this pic, you’ll love all the amateur porno pics, including these of Violet on Glass Mannequin – visit today and get free access to two bonus sites featuring Violet Little: Real Colorado Girls and Bring Me Your Sister. In this CFNM picture, Richard Nailder is mid stroke with Violet Little and from the looks on both of their faces, they could care less if there is a camera man there filming them fuck – just the way real amateur porno should be!

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Petite teen Mom Violet Little Gets Properly Fucked

And of course, you all visited this post to see Violet take a face-full of hot sticky jizz. In the last pic of this series, you can see the last few drops of jizz frozen in time as they are about ready to splatter all over the squinting teen mom’s cute face. OK – to her credit, if she hasn’t squinted, she would have an eyeful of jizz and we all know how that burns. Actually, Violet was more pissed that there were a few drops of jizz on her blouse as she was to visit her boyfriend right after this shoot and she didn’t lust after him to know that she loved the erection of an older man deep in her perfectly shaved teen coochie.

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18 Year Old Violet Little Gets Her First Facial

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My Revenge On My Sister

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My skinny little sister ruined my vinyl collection and I’m going to make her pay – even if it’s with her itty bitty teenager twat.  My sister had no idea when I drug her to the old man’s pad that she is going to fuck the old bastard to pay me back. My sister, Hollie Marie, has been able to get her ass out of trouble for years, but this time she finds herself trapped between me and a dirty old man that wants to audition her for her first porno movie – and the old fuck wants me to video my sister fucking him in her first ever sister porno movie. To see the movie I made of my sister fucking visit Bring Me Your Sister and watch my sister getting her eighteen-year-old twat pounded as retribution.

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Selling My Sister For Porn

My little sister has been using that “sweet little princess” bullshit on mom and dad and her siblings for years, but this time she isn’t going to get away with it so easy. My stupid fucking sister isn’t going to be able to flick her brown haired hair, shake her itty bitty teenager ass and bat her pretty little eyes and get out of this one – no way – today she’s getting grudge fucked-fucked. As soon as I saw the old man’s add in the newspaper I knew what my revenge was going to be and that the little cunt would never tell our parents that she fucked the old man, the embarrassment of being grudge fucked-fucked as I filmed would be too much.

Hollie-Marie Brother Teen Fuck

Revenge On My Sister

My sister’s  inexperience showed right away as the old man made her give him a head. It was even more obvious that she was inexperienced when the old bastard made her ride his erection as I filmed it. Before my sister knew it, she is fucking the old man like a champ with her firm teenager titties bouncing everywhere and even getting an orgasm or two out of the deal. But for me, the fact that the little whore earned enough to pay me back was the real reason I pimped my little sister out to the older man. Luckily Bring Me Your Sister always has a camera ready to record a brother’s revenge on a fuck-up sister.

Hollie-Marie Sister Porn

My Sister Suffering Through Rough Sex

The old man gave me a copy of the tape I filmed of my sister fucking to show my buddies – maybe they will stop pestering me about how much they want to fuck my little sister every time they come over to my pad. The tape also makes a good insurance policy to make sure the little floozy does whatever I tell her from now on without bitching, gripeing, whineing or any other form of complaining. If the little cunt decides my demands are too much, I can always make 100 copies of her sister porno movie and pass them out at school. The fear of all of her friends seeing her fucking a dirty old perv keeps her very obedient and there is nothing better in this world than an obediant little sister ;-). To see more sister porno visit Bring Me Your Sister today.

Janie Jones

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Janie Jones Janie Jones

Janie Jones @ BlacksOnBlondes.com18 year old Janie is visiting LA from the midwest when she strolls past someone she thinks she recognizes, Jack Napier. It’s a wonder of the internet age that a barely legal teenager would recognize a pornstar on the street, but she does, and tells him she wants to fuck him. Jack wants to see her ID to be sure she’s legal, and after he’s carded her, he unleashes the Napier "rapier", and gives her a taste of what a mega-salami is like. Her perfect teenager body is soon exposed, and you can almost feel just how baby-smooth her ass is right from your monitor! Jack gives this teenager skank as much as she can handle, then she wants one last souvenir from him in the form of a mouthful of his cream, and he is only too happy to oblige!

Janie Jones Janie Jones

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